Greetings & Welcome


 Summertime of 2017 I was on a visit to Somerset. In a moment of reflection I reached for my empty sketchbook, with a black ink fine liner in hand I began to draw lots of  tiny Vs, Ms & Ws  just how I used to as a child, only this time the birds imagined were starlings. Time gently drifted by whilst forming a pattern, I was completely absorbed and with that came a sense of freedom and a murmuration.

I don't think there is anyone on the planet who doesn't enjoy nature and a good sunrise or sunset! 


                                                Being out and about with my furry friend Sun and taking photographs during the golden                                                      hours is a favourite thing to do, capturing those moments either using my mobile phone,                                                        or my Canon EOS  700D. 


                                                 After moving back from Austria, (which was fantastic)  I came to live in the beautiful                                                             historical town of Newhaven on the East Sussex coast,

                                                 here I continue to be inspired by nature, light and the ever-changing sea and landscapes,                                                     the light on the coast here is incredible! 





The Process


My process of the work I create is fairly simple, my photograph is printed onto a type of card, I like to use watercolour card as it can give the overall image a softer effect. Once it's printed out I observe where I would like the murmuration to move and dance. I then draw onto the photo using different sized permanent black ink fine liner pens, and a  murmuration of starlings starts to form,  I become completely absorbed imagining the flow and twists and turns of how the little darling starlings would perform their ballet.  Having witnessed a fair few murmurations, I find it is the most spectacular sight and quite unforgettable.


The Inspiration


Inspired by childhood memories and spending time with Grandad in his garden aviary, he taught me to see birds in a different light.


There's a wonderful connection when spending time in nature, observing birds is one of my dearest things to do. I find them fascinating and amusing, each breed with their own personality. 


A fusion of freedom, observation and experimenting, I will continue with the theme of birds exploring other forms and mediums. 

The pleasure is perhaps the freedom birds have, as well as their natural beauty. 


Exhibitions and Gallery displays 


New Art Gallery - Alfriston East Sussex

Newhaven Open call- East Sussex

MOOP - East Sussex

Newhaven art club - Crypt - Seaford East Sussex

Artist open houses - Beyond Brighton 


 My dog Sun, who loves it up here on Birling Gap and  severn sisters